Chocolate Dipped Goodies

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Chocolate makes everything better. Even black licorice and gummy bears. Packaged in 1/4 pound bags.

Black Licorice - A super thick coating of dark chocolate around sweet, soft black licorice. The result is spicy and surprisingly delicious. A must try.

Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds - Jordan almonds with a dark chocolate layer. A favorite in our candy kitchen.

Cashews - Dark Chocolate Sea Salt - A delightful treat with just the right amount of salt.

Cashews - White Chocolate Toffee - Crispy caramelized cashews dipped in high quality white chocolate.

Espresso Bean Mix - Roasted espresso beans dipped in a mix of dark, milk, white and mocha chocolate.

Gummy Bears - Sounds weird, right? Trust us, you will not want to share.

Peanuts - Double dipped in Milk Chocolate. Classic Dad candy.

Pomegranate Seeds - Dipped in Dark Chocolate, these tiny little powerhouses pack more flavor punch than raisins.