Our Chicago Shop


The girl who tried to run away to the candy store finally has her own candy shop! Our downtown Chicago store is a special, cozy space that pays homage to the three-year-old who thought the candy store was the most magical place on earth. It’s a bright, cheerful and whimsical place that makes everyone smile. Visitors have commented they could live here—our greatest compliment!

In our shop, we sell all of the sweets offered on this website, plus seasonal pastries and treats. We always have free samples, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch us on a candy R&D day and you can offer feedback on our latest creations. Visitors can watch us make candy through a wall of windows that line the kitchen. The smells of caramel and melted chocolate will greet you at the door.



The shop was designed by renowned candy historian and industry consultant Beth Kimmerle, who loves candy just as much as we do. Land of Nod graciously provided the toy suitcases we use for display, along with many other candy-inspired items. Our shop is located in Chicago’s downtown “Loop” neighborhood in the historic DeMet’s Candy Factory—the company that created the original Turtle candy. The original Mr. Turtle sign has moved into our store.



In the early 1900s, Chicago’s downtown business district had elaborate soda fountains and candy shops practically on every block. Whimsical Candy is proud to follow in the tradition of producing and selling high quality candy right downtown.

“I love the idea of now being the only practicing candy maker in the loop,” Kadow-Dougherty says. “It’s great fun when people discover Whimsical Candy for the first time, then we become their go-to for teacher gifts, meeting treats, or just an afternoon snack.” 

Today, our landmark building is mostly offices. We're tucked away on the lower level. Please come in the office building door and walk downstairs to find us. Think of us as a candy speakeasy—another fine Chicago tradition.


  • Artisanal candy that’s pure fun.
  • Go ahead, spoil your dinner!
  • We make the candy we want to eat.
  • Whimsy candy for every occasion!