La-Dee-Dahs: Singles

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La-Dee-Dahs®: This is our original small batch sweet—a handmade swirl of chewy nougat and creamy caramel dipped in luscious, premium chocolate. They were created as the perfect daily candy—a few bites of perfectly balanced bliss and (magically) just around 100 calories each.

In addition to our Original Dark Chocolate, we now have lots of tempting new flavors. Try them all!

Almond: Delicious roasted almonds and a pinch of almond extract in our white chocolate nougat make this La-Dee-Dah one of our favorites. Sea salty caramel and dark chocolate compliment it perfectly.

Chocolate Mint: White chocolate nougat and chocolate caramel with just a hint of natural peppermint. Subtle-icious!

Coconut: Our white chocolate nougat loaded with coconut, swirled with vanilla caramel and dipped in dark chocolate.

Double Chocolate: Dark chocolate nougat swirled with sea salty caramel dipped in dark chocolate. (For those who can’t get enough chocolate.)

Espresso: Love your coffee and your chocolate? We’ve infused both the caramel and nougat with fresh espresso for a delicious little candy jolt. 

Gold: The classic La-Dee-Dah this time dipped in Callebaut Gold Chocolate, a butterscotchy, caramelized white Belgian chocolate. (This flavor was previously called Blonde.)

Milk Chocolate: White chocolate nougat swirled with cream sea salty caramel dipped in milk chocolate. (We use 45% cacao milk chocolate. Delicious!)

Orange: Go old school with us for a minute, won’t you? We’ve brought back the classic pairing of orange and dark chocolate with house-candied orange peel in the nougat and orange puree in the caramel. The creaminess of the nougat rounds this little gem out to perfection. (This one is the owner’s favorite. Shhhh. Don’t tell the others.)

 Peanut Butter: Peanut butter nougat with crunchy peanuts swirled with sea salty caramel in our delicious milk chocolate.

 Raspberry: White chocolate nougat swirled with raspberry caramel and dipped in Callebaut Ruby Chocolate - real chocolate with a natural pink color and slight fruit essense. Raspberry lovers, this could be your new favorite!

Triple Chocolate: The trifecta for those who can never get enough chocolate, this La-Dee-Dah features our chocolate nougat and salty chocolate caramel, dipped in premium dark chocolate. The chocolate caramel gives it an extra chewy texture, too. Indulge!