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Introducing the Marshmallow, a fluffy first cousin of nougat. Chris and two pastry assistants spent months perfecting the recipe and technique to blend luscious caramel and real fruit purees into our creamy, delicious marshmallow base. They have been selling to rave reviews in our downtown Chicago brick and mortar shop. Several customers have called them the best marshmallows they’ve ever had.

Now, we are pleased to bring them to our candy loving friends online! Available in five whimsically wonderful flavors:

Salty Caramel: Our best seller. Our Classic French Sea Salty caramel swirled into yummy vanilla marshmallow. A revelation!

Chocolate Swirl: The best of both worlds. We swirl chocolate caramel into our marshmallow base, then dip the base in premium dark chocolate.

Raspberry: A blend of our delicious marshmallow base, real raspberry puree, and luscious raspberry caramel. Raspberry lovers’ taste buds will delight!

Passion fruit: A tropical fruity treat that any marshmallow fan will love. Our tangy, yet sweet passion fruit caramel is swirled into our fluffy marshmallow base that has been mixed with real passion fruit puree. Take a walk on the tropical side!

Vanilla Bean: A classic, for the marshmallow purist.