Just Caramels

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Our signature candy, La-Dee-Dahs, created an outcry among caramel lovers begging us to sell “just the caramel.” Well, here you go!

Sea Salty Just Caramels: Our classic, French-style, smooth, creamy melt-in-your-mouth caramel is made in small batches with fresh, simple ingredients. We first caramelize the sugar to a deep brown to maximize the “caramel” flavor, and then we add high quality European style butter, fresh cream and sea salt. This is the one for any salty caramel lover on your list.

Vegan Coconut: Our coconut-based, dairy free caramel is delicious, chewy and very satisfying. As with our classic caramel, we first cook the sugar to a deep caramel brown to develop the flavor base, then we add coconut milk and coconut puree. The coconut is not overwhelming but adds a fresh, clean taste.

By the way, do you say “car-mel” or “care-a-mel?” Either way is delicious to us.