Small batch sweets handmade with natural ingredients.

A lifelong love of candy

Artisanal candy that’s pure fun

Our products are handmade with fresh, natural ingredients. We make the candy we want to eat—chewy, satisfying textures and full, balanced flavors. Who says artisanal candy has to be serious?

“I visit Whimsical Candy quite often and I always have such a wonderful experience. The owner takes great pride in her products and they’re always fresh. I love it there!”

Cathy West

“Their handmade candy is incredible and are a unique gift item that a recipient is sure to love! Taste: A+ Originality: A+”

Josh Perlstein

“Whimsical Candy has the best caramel apples in Chicago! They use perfect, creamy caramel and farmers’ market apples.”

Diane Gasior

“This was the best birthday party experience we’ve ever had! Watch out Whimsical Candy, all the kids want to celebrate their birthdays with you—so much fun!”

Rachael Schmidt Hooker