Shipping Information

We will make every effort to ship your order to you within four days of receipt. Depending on where you live and which shipping method you select, shipping will take one to four days. We have listened to our customers and have switched to US Postal Service, which offers less expensive and quicker delivery service. This is especially true for those of you living in rural areas and on the west coast.  

Warm Weather Shipping: Shipping chocolate, nougat and caramel gets much less whimsical during summer months, or when we are shipping to customers whose weather is perpetual summer (lucky ducks!). We advise that you hold off ordering until the weather where you are is in the low 70s as daytime highs. Otherwise, we will have to ship your order in an insulated cooler with gel packs. From June through September, our website is equipped to automatically charge a fee of $12 to pay for the additional packaging. However, during the rest of the year, we have to ship to warm places at our discretion. If you have placed an order that we believe will melt in transit, we will contact you via e-mail to discuss your shipping options. The additional $12 charge for ice and cooler may apply. Think of it this way, at least you can eat your candy on the beach once it arrives!