Is your downtown Chicago address a retail store?

Yes! We have a retail store at 175 North Franklin in downtown Chicago. We are in the lower level of the building, come in the main door of the building, and walk down the stairs. Our store is not visible from street level. (We are a bit of a candy speakeasy. A hidden treasure well worth the effort to find.)  Everything you see on this site can be purchased in our store, plus we sometimes make pastries and other goodies.  

We also have lots of nice retail partners in Chicago and in many other cities. To find one, please visit our Find a Location page. 

How should I store my candy once it arrives?

For best results, all of our candy should be stored in an airtight container placed in a cool, dry place - temperatures between 60º and 65º F are best. Since we use no artificial preservatives or shelf-life enhancers, we recommend that you enjoy our candy within two weeks of receipt. 

Can I freeze my candy?

If you don’t think you can finish your candy within twoweeks, all of our candy can be frozen. We recommend that you freeze the items immediately upon receipt, then take them out and thaw completely at room temperature before enjoying. Do not freeze for longer than two months, and once you have thawed them, enjoy them within two weeks and do not re-freeze them. Please do not eat frozen candy. it is very hard and could result in unpleasant dental bills.

Can I refrigerate La-Dee-Dahs or other Whimsical Candy products?

No! Please don’t refrigerate our candy. The humidity in a refrigerator destroys the texture of our nougat and caramel. We learned the hard way. Don’t do it!

What if I have a nut allergy?

We use nuts in our kitchen, so there may be traces even in candy that does not contain nuts as an ingredient.

Do you have any sugar-free products?