La-Dee-Dahs: 3 Piece Box

This is the candy that started the company – our original Dark Chocolate La-Dee-Dahs® in their adorable 3-piece box.

Original La-Dee-Dahs® are handmade swirls of white chocolate nougat and sea salty caramel dipped in premium dark chocolate. Think of them as a fresh twist on the classic candy bar concept, with three individually wrapped candies in each box.

Remember our founder, the lifelong candy lover? Yeah, well she designed this candy to meet her nightly craving for a little something sweet that wouldn’t set off a salt craving. The blend of sweet and salty flavors with just-dark-enough chocolate, combined with a long-lasting nougat chew, creates a treat that satisfies in just one piece.

La-Dee-Dahs® are made for everyday life, not just special occasions. By all means, spoil your dinner. The little box makes a cute and unique little gift, too!

$6.49 Regular Price

Weight: 2.25 oz

Nutritional Info