La-Dee-Dahs: 12-piece Mixed

Finally, our signature sweets in a box big enough for sharing! The clear box creates an appealing presentation, and it’s a great way to introduce friends to La-Dee-Dahs®.

The 12-piece box contains one each of our 12 delicious La-Dee-Dahs flavors: Original Dark La-Dee-Dahs®, Milk Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Almond, Espresso. Orange, Raspberry, Blonde, Chocolate Mint, Triple Chocolate and Coconut.

Oh, and if you want to customize a mix (for example you want all Original Darks) please tell us how we should mix it up in Step 4 Order Comments during the check-out process.

$24.99 Regular Price

Weight: 9 oz