Whimsical Candy launches two new web-exclusive product lines!

Whimsical Candy July 21, 2009

​Whimsical Candy has launched two brand new product lines, Nifty Nougats and Just Caramels. These fresh candy items are available exclusively on Whimsical Candy’s own newly expanded website. Nifty Nougats are premiering in two great classic candy flavors, Toasted Almond Coconut and Malted Milk Ball. The Toasted Almond Coconut has the classic roasted nut crunch that is so popular in European nougats, with just a hint of a coconut chaser. Our Malted Milk Ball Nougat is a deliciously creamy and chewy take on the traditionally crunchy candy. A sprinkling of cocoa nibs heightens the chocolate taste. Just Caramels are what the name implies, just caramels.  Our premier flavor is Sea Salty, soon to become a classic.