General Whimsy

The story behind the La-Dee-Dah!

Whimsical Candy September 3, 2013

People who come in my shop often ask how I came up with the La-Dee-Dah. So, for those interested, here is the story. I graduated from Chicago’s French Pastry School in December 2006. My last class was classic French sugar candies and I was completely in thrall to those refined and beautiful sweets. I just had to figure out how to package and market them. As I worked on that, I also had a vision of a swirly nougat and caramel candy – a chewy candy using the classic pulled sugar lollipop shape. I started working on the swirls for fun, even as I was planning my French candy business. I passed around the swirly candy to friends and family and they loved them. I continued planning my French candy business, and whenever I passed around those samples, my family and friends would ask about the swirly candies. Are you getting the picture, dear reader? It took a few months for the light bulb to go on, but eventually it did. I refined my nougat, played around with a signature dip, and the La-Dee-Dah was born.