La-Dee-Dahs on Exhibit at Field Museum Chicago

Whimsical Candy October 11, 2011

​OK, La-Dee-Dahs aren't exactly "on exhibit," but they are part of the new Chocolate Around the World exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. Learn the complete story of chocolate, from seed to sweet. The exhibit will engage your senses and reveal facets of this ...


Chicago Sun-Times Blog Winks at Whimsical!

Whimsical Candy February 18, 2011

​Sarah Terez Rosenblum wrote a fun blog earlier this week about the French Pastry School's For the Love of Chocolate event. She was kind enough to mention participation by Whimsical Candy.  Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, Ack!...


Whimsical Candy supports Pastry Arts education.

Whimsical Candy February 9, 2011

​La-Dee-Dahs were in excellent company at the recent "For the Love of Chocolate" event to benefit the scholarship fund of Chicago's French Pastry School and foundation. Other sponsoring guest chefs included Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill, Paul Kahan of Blackbird, Sherry Yard of ...


Woman’s World Falls in Love with Whimsical!

Whimsical Candy February 8, 2011

​Beth Kimmerle, author, candy historian and candy expert recommends La-Dee-Dahs for Valentines Day. She highlights Chicago as the candy capital of the world and names La-Dee-Dahs as one of the city's "exciting confections." ...


La-Dee-Dahs on National TV!

Whimsical Candy November 8, 2010

​Hi Candy Lovers! I am excited to tell you that La-Dee-Dahs (and I) were featured on the show FoodCrafters on the Cooking Channel on October 25, 9 pm Central Time.  FoodCrafters is a beautifully produced show that highlights artisan food makers from around the country, ...